Hitchcock’s Blackmail

Announcing our new production for 2020….Watch the trailer here!

For quite a long time back in early 2019 we were thinking about which direction to go with our next production. As a composer I don’t like to repeat myself even in small ways, so even though I actually felt like writing something very romantic – maybe music for a Greta Garbo movie or even finishing my score for Waterloo Bridge which has been on the agenda for a while noe – I started looking for something that was neither horror, romance or science fiction.

The first time I saw Blackmail – the silent version, because there is a sound version too – I was hooked. It has all the classic Hitchcock ingredients – blondes, knives, scullduggery, cameos, twisted morals, chases through famous locations and a detective who solves the case only to discover…well I won’t ruin it. It’s both the final Hitchcock silent movie (yes he made about 10 silent movies) and the his first sound movie (Just as it was finished the studio ordered him to remake it with sound) and even more exceptionally it is the very first British sound movie.

In the end the choice was easy and we’re hoping that the resulting soundtrack will be a success. It’s scored for Bandoneon (to be performed by Martin de Ruiter of ETE Amsterdam), Violin, Bass, Percussion, Harp, Piano and of course the James Whale Orchestra of samples.

Watch the trailer and watch this space!

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