Our new production ‘CITY GIRL’ will premiere at the Leiden International Film Festival on 29th October. The final movie that Murnau made in Hollywood, City Girl follows the fortunes of a girl from the city whose dream to live in the countryside comes true when she meets and marrries a young wheat farmer. The reality of life on an Oregorn wheat farm during the great depression becomes a nightmare however, as new her father in law drags the young lovers into a spiral of destruction. Filmed against the stunning background of the American mid-west, with salty characters and plenty of drama, City Girl is also a breathtakingly romantic film. The James Whale Orchestra soundtrack mixes cool American minimalsim with country Bluegrass music.

Carla Bos – Harp

Ernst Paul Fuchs – Piano

Martin De Ruiter – Organ (EYE 26th November)

Oliver Parr Cello/Banjo/Composition

Panayiotis Ioannou – Music production and samples

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