Oliver Parr studied cello in Paris with Radu Aldulescu and at the Musikhochschule Detmold with Karine Georgian. Since 2000 Oliver has been solo cellist of the Remix Ensemble Casa da Musica of Porto, with whom he has performed as a soloist at many of Europe’s major festivals and concert venues including Wien Modern, Milano Settembre, Berlin Marz Muziek, Strasbourg Musica and Donaueschingen. He has worked and collaborated with many leading artistic figures including Heinz Holliger, Peter Eotvos, Jonathan Harvey, Mario Laginha and  Magnus Lindberg across a diverse range of musical genres from jazz to contemporary to opera and film, and has appeared on radio (actually once he performed John Cage’s 4’33” silence live on radio in Belgium which was really strange…), t.v and quite a few cd’s. Resident in the Netherlands since 2003, Oliver is also solo cellist of  Sinfonia Rotterdam with whom he toured China in 2019, has been guest solo cellist at ASKO Schoenberg Ensemble and Amsterdam Sinfonietta and works regularly with Insomnio Ensemble, the National Ballet Orchestra and Netherlands Kamerorkest amongst others.

As a composer Oliver has written several large scale movie soundtracks including for F.W. Murnau’s 1923 ‘Nosferatu’, James Whale’s 1931 Frankenenstein, F.W. Murnau’s 1929 ‘City Girl’,and is currently working on two further movie soundtracks. He has written other pieces for chamber ensemble, solo instruments and orchestra including ‘In Memoriam’ which recently received it’s premiere in Antwerp Cathedral.

Oliver set up the James Whale Orchestra and is its artistic director and composer and part time bass player…

Music production/Sound

 Panayiotis Ioannou was born in Cyprus, aged 21, he moved to Los Angeles where he studied computing and also  began to work as a DJ in his spare time. After beginning to enjoy some success as a professional DJ in  well known L.A.  clubs like Giant, Insomnia, Moontribe and Avalon  he decided to develop his growing interest in music production. Having finished his computing studies he joined Point Blank music school where he learned about mixing and production with music technology. In 2013 he moved to the Netherlands and set up his own music production studio – AmethistLab – producing stock music, and doing sound engineering work. He has successfully sold music for use in advertising, promotion and soundtracks around the world, including to corporations like Mercedes, Huawei and Toyota.

Featured Soloists

City Girl

(F.W.Murnau 1930, Silent, 89 minutes, music Oliver Parr, samples Panayiotis Ioannou)

Carla Bos   –   Harp

Ernst Paul Fuchs   –   Piano


(A Hitchcock 1929, Silent, 85 minutes, music Oliver Parr, samples Panayiotis Ioannou)

Postland Ensemble